Driveway & Patio Cleaning

Your driveway has a big part to play in the appearance of your property, including its perceived value. It also takes a lot of wear and tear, and can easily become stained or discoloured from tyres and oil. GCS Services provide driveway cleaning in and around Surrey, enquire today to book your professional driveway cleaning service. 

We clean and restore the most challenging of paved surfaces without difficulty and with minimal disruption. Our professional machines are so much more powerful than domestic pressure washers and can deep clean in a fraction of the time with superb results.

The effect is a total transformation. Various sealants and treatments can then be applied to surfaces to leave them looking as good as the day they were installed. And stay looking better for much longer.

Frequently Ask Questions

You can pressure wash your driveway any time of year. However, if you have block paving you will need to re-sand the paving after cleaning and in the colder, damper months, , it will not be suitable for this as the blocks are likely to stay damp. Especially if you want to seal your driveway with a protective coating. Then it’s better to do it in the spring or summer months, when the temperatures are higher, and there’s much drier weather.

Sealing is applying a protective coating to your driveway, once the surface is fully dry after cleaning. It can be applied to block paving or to natural stone patio slabs. Sealing basically puts a protective layer on the surface, which is oil and water resistant. It also helps to harden the sand between the gaps, which will help to deter future weed growth.

Some sealers we recommend, and we use, are Smart Seal and Resiblock sealers. They are two of the leading sealer suppliers in the UK.

We recommend using a sprayer application for applying sealer. The main reason for this is, when applying a sealer with a roller, especially on block paving (where you have jointing sand in between the blocks). It can roll up some of the sand, and then, get the sand in the surface sealant, which doesn’t leave a good finish.

We’re often asked whether it’s best to pressure wash or soft wash a driveway or patio. It really depends on the condition of the driveway or patio. We recommend that you do not pressure wash either surface repeatedly (as in year after year), as recurring pressure washing can lead to damage. This is often seen in block paving.

The condition of the driveway will influence the price. Also, the size of the driveway will obviously influence the price, and other conditions such as  weeds, and the more weed growth there is, then the more moss and algae, and the deeper the dirt. If there’s lots of black spots… The stronger the clean that is needed to bring it up to a good condition.